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Lubbock Area United Way - Loyal Contributors


Loyal contributors are those that have supported the Lubbock Area United Way through giving for more than ten years. Let us know if you have been a Loyal Contributor to the Lubbock Area United Way for more than ten years.

Here are the stories of some of our Loyal Contributors:

Jan & Jim cummings
Jim and Jan Cummings

The Lubbock United Way and its community partners serve as the window to the soul of our community.  The noble work enables us to be energized and engaged in becoming something greater than ourselves in serving others.  Addressing the physical, mental, emotional and psychological needs of so many of our citizens is critical to the overall well-being and success for our community.  This coupled with the strategic initiatives focused on educational issues underscore United Way’s mission of giving people hope. 

Chris and Cystal EdwardsChris Edwards - United Supermarkets
Crystal Edwards - South Plains Mall

What started out 20 years ago as giving up a Coke a week to give to United Way has turned out to be the best $.99 a week we ever spent.  It became natural to just give, not really knowing the full impact of what a dollar could do via United Way agencies.  It wasn't until we became volunteers in our community that we had a complete understanding pushing us to give more....of our time and our money.  Having worked in neighborhoods all over the Lubbock area it is evident that United Way is the most effective at giving people hope.


Ralph Madrid

Ralph Madrid

“United Way giving has been a serious commitment for me for many years.  I have an enormous amount of respect for all of the agencies supported by United Way.  These agencies have a great impact on the youth of this community.  I feel strongly that, as adults, we should dedicate ourselves to improving the quality of life of the youth of this community.”